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Lawn Equipment FAQs

When it comes to proper lawn care, having heavy-duty lawn equipment is not enough to ensure your property remains lush, green, and in optimal shape. RJ Trailers is here to satisfy all the common lawn misconceptions with our helpful lawn equipment FAQ. We designed this list to assist you in caring for your property in Seagoville and Longview, TX, most effectively. 

How Does Heat Affect Lawn Care & Mowing?

Heat plays a role in the health of your lawn. In dry, hot conditions, it’s best to have the lawn mowed to a longer height to maintain its lush, green appearance. During a heat wave or in times of drought, raising the lawn mower's deck height for longer but well-trimmed grass is recommended. 

How Does Disease Affect Lawn Care & Mowing?

Disease is also a factor to consider that may affect lawn care and mowing practices. If the lawn is suffering from disease or if the lawn was recently treated to alleviate the presence of a disease, it’s recommended to raise the height of the lawn mower’s deck for the next few mowing sessions. 

Is Clipping Production Affected by Fertilization of a Lawn?

Fertilizer serves to make the lawn more resilient throughout the hot summer months. However, too much fertilizer can result in increased clippings and rapid growth, producing a surplus of thatch which can offset the health of the lawn. In contrast, a lack of fertilizer can halt grass growth. 

When Should the Lawn be Watered & How Much?

It's best to water the lawn in the morning or overnight to avoid evaporation, ensuring the roots absorb the water. Furthermore, ensuring your lawn does not receive more than one inch of water each week is important, as this amount promotes growth while deterring fungi, moss, and disease. 

How Do I Determine the Height I Should Cut My Lawn?

When the hot weather arrives, mowing your lawn higher is important to protect it from the excessive Texas heat. Once it begins to get cool again around the beginning of fall, you can slowly begin cutting the lawn shorter with each passing week.

How Do I Maintain My Lawn Equipment? 

Lawn equipment requires maintenance to continue offering powerful, reliable performance. We recommend the following lawn care equipment maintenance: 

  • Clean your lawn equipment after each use.
  • Pursue a professional tune-up once a year with RJ Trailers. 
  • Ensure the blade is sharpened regularly for optimal function that helps combat lawn disease. 

What Types of Lawn Equipment Do You Offer? 

At RJ Trailers, we provide a range of unrivaled lawn equipment to satisfy every lawn care demand, including the following lawn care equipment list: 

  • Mowers 
  • Pole saws 
  • Trimmers
  • Chainsaws 
  • Protective gear
  • Hedge trimmers 
  • Pressure washers 
  • Backpack blowers 

Maintain the Lawn With Quality Parts & Equipment 

A beautiful lawn can be made easier with the help of RJ Trailers and our expansive selection of quality lawn equipment from the leading brands. With many different makes and models to satisfy varying lawn care needs, rely on our experts to help you choose the most suitable lawn equipment for your property. 

Choose RJ Trailers 

From lawn care equipment to custom built trailers, parts and maintenance, and beyond, RJ Trailers is Seagoville and Longview's trusted go-to destination for heavy-duty equipment that facilitates our customers' many landscaping and heavy-hauling needs. Backed by experience and a dedication to the highest quality products and service, rely on RJ Trailers for all your needs. 

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