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RJ Trailers can help you find the perfect automotive accessory for your unique needs. Our trailer experts take the time to ask the right questions about dimensions, type of trailer, payload capacity, brand, and more. By obtaining this information, we can narrow down the search and save you time and money. We work within your budget and offer attractive financing for your purchase. As your trusted trailer resource in Dallas and Longview, TX, we take your concerns to heart to go above and beyond the standard. Let us help you find the ideal new or pre-owned trailer close to home. Take some time to go over some of our most frequently asked questions below and get the insights you need to start your personalized trailer purchase process with us.  

Should I rent a trailer or buy one?

Most trailer experts recommend buying a trailer instead of renting one. Purchasing a trailer is an investment in convenience and capability that holds its value. By the time you are ready to sell it, you have already saved more than if you rented your trailer every time you needed it. When you purchase a trailer, there are no hidden costs, and you have ideal flexibility and availability when you need it.  There may be tax incentives as well if you purchased your trailer for your business.

How much does a trailer cost?

Trailer prices will vary depending on the size, year, and brand. RJ Trailers has an incredible selection of new and pre-owned trailers priced to fit almost any budget. Our online trailer search tool will help you narrow down the available trailers we have in stock and give you the information you need to make the right purchase.

What’s the difference between the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) & Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR)?

By definition, the GVWR is the most weight allowed for both your trailer and your cargo. In contrast, the GAWR is the most distributed weight the axle of a vehicle can support. The GAWR will often indicate FR for front axles and RR to indicate rear axles.

At what point do I need brakes on my trailer?

Trailers and pole trailers must have brakes if the gross weight, including cargo, is 4,500 lbs. or more. However, if your trailer has a gross weight between 4,500 and 15,000 lbs., it does not need brakes if it is being towed at less than 30mph. In Texas, there are additional trailer rules you must follow. Each power unit must be equipped with a parking brake. A motor vehicle used to tow a trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer equipped with brakes must also be equipped with service brakes. These brakes should be arranged so that, in case of a breakaway of the towed vehicle, the towing vehicle can stop by use of its service brakes. Talk to our trailer experts concerning your unique scenario and Texas trailer laws.  

How do I know what trailer will fit my needs?

Think about the uses of your trailer. How frequently are you using it? What are you hauling? Are you traveling long distances? What is the weight capacity of your trailer? Determining these factors will give you a clearer picture of the type of trailer you need. You should also speak to the trailer experts at RJ Trailers to match our extensive inventory with your needs and budget.

How much weight can I safely haul on my trailer?

When purchasing a trailer, keep in mind the weight of your payload AND the weight of the trailer itself. What a trailer is rated for and what it weighs with your cargo are two different things. Payload capacity is the maximum weight a trailer can safely haul. Towing capacity is the max weight your vehicle can pull.

Is there a warranty on my new trailer?

RJ Trailers does offer warranties on our new trailers depending on the model. They range from 1-3 years on most models and can go up to five years if necessary.

How much carrying capacity does my trailer need?

Payload capacity will vary for the different trailer models. To determine payload capacity, subtract the trailer's weight from the most weight that is allowed for both your trailer and your cargo (GVW). For example, if your trailer has a GVW of 40,000 lbs., it does not mean it can haul 40,000 lbs. Subtract the weight of the trailer (say, 8,000 lbs.) from the GVW, and you have your payload capacity. This should help you determine the type of trailer you need.

What type of trailers do you manufacture?

RJ Trailers does not manufacture trailers ourselves onsite. We sell the best new and used trailers from the industry's top names, such as Tiger, Diamond, Texline, Buck Dandy, Look, CM, and others. We stock a wide range of models as well, including open, enclosed, enclosed/stacker, horse, stock, dump, cargo, flatbed, gooseneck, and concession/vending trailers.

Do you offer financing?

At RJ Trailers, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and easily provide you with financing solutions for your trailer purchase. We are experts in helping credit-challenged individuals obtain affordable financing for their new vehicles. Simply fill out an application, and we will do the rest.

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